Week at a Glance Sept. 16-20

Week at a Glance Sept. 16-20 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Everyone appears settled into their new classes and we are off and running on another great year at Arden.

The wet weather is once again upon us so I wanted to remind everyone, that we are an outdoor school, and we tend to go outside, for recess and lunch, when it is raining. The weather has to be raining very hard, blowing and cold out before I keep the kids inside. Please send the children prepared to be outside.

Thank you for your support with the Terry Fox run today. As of right now we raised $201.45, 2 Euros and 5 pesos. Our next school fund raiser will start Monday, to see if we can raise 500.00 to have the children throw whip cream pies in my face for Tour de Rock in 2 weeks.

If your child has the need to borrow clothes from Ms. Phye’s Ind. Ed. Room, please make sure those clothes are washed and returned as soon as you can. Thank you very much.

In our school, we have several children who are deathly allergic to peanuts. As a caring community I know that you will do what you can to keep these children safe and avoid bringing peanuts and peanut butter to school. Thank you.

If you qualify, the CVRD at the Sports and Aquatic Centres, are offering scan cards for a year, that include 52 free facility admissions, 1 free registered program and 4 50% off programs. Please go to the following website for more details.  https://www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/parks-recreation/admission-fees-memberships/financial-assistance  There is a link on this page to a form you would be required to fill out.

If you have a child who may require glasses and you may not be able to afford them, FYI doctors can assist. Please go to the following link for more information.


We still do not have any volunteers for our Whereabouts program, which means Liz is doing it. Some days it will take her till 10:00 to make calls depending on how busy she is in the office. As this is all about children’s safety, please think of giving half an hour of your time in the morning if you are able. Thank you.

Including several from last year, we had 24 applications for our first round of eight Arden Ambassadors. Congratulations to Brynn Miller, Kinzie Good, Phoenix Hoffart Hazel Robertson, Jillian LaPointe, Cameron Saunders, Sawyer Kobelka and Jackson Jules, for being chosen as our Arden Ambassadors for Sept. to Dec. Each of the applicants will be able to be an Ambassador sometime throughout this school year.

Please put Oct. 10, 8:00-8:43 on your calendars. This is our Meet the teacher morning where you can come into the class and see what is going on in the classroom. Please feel free to contact the teacher before this time if you wish, if you haven’t yet met.

Please try and send back the Verification forms that came from the office as soon as possible. These provide us with valuable information in case of an emergency. Thank you very much.


Nothing of huge significance.


Tour de Rock visit, either Sept. 25 or 26, as I still haven’t heard a specific time.

Recognition Assembly for Sept. on Friday Sept. 27 @ 11:00am.

Have an excellent weekend.