Welcome Back June 1



Welcome back June 1st

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Sorry to be sending this out to everyone as it is too hard to separate just those coming back. Besides, if anyone changes their minds and wants to send a child back, you will know the routines.

We, unfortunately, have been told that no other adults, other than district staff, are to enter the building. If you wish to speak to myself or any other staff member, please make an appointment with me. If your child has an appointment during the day, please let us know and we can have the student waiting at the front door, and then we can sign them out. If returning to school and your child will be late or absent, please call Ms. Tozer at 250-334-3191.

Student who arrive early will not be allowed to enter the building, they will be asked to stay outside and meet with their teachers at the bell (8:38).

Before sending your children, please take a moment to health screen your child. For example: Do they have a headache, are they coughing, do they have a temperature, are they sneezing (other than known allergies). If you answer yes to any of these, please keep your child home. If we suspect your child is sick, they will be sent to our isolation room (that every school has), with an adult, and then they will be sent home. We need to be very strict on this as you can appreciate.

To start our day we will all meet outside. For the first week, pylons with teachers names will be placed on the fields. K’s and the primaries in the primary wing will all meet on the primary field (closest to the K portables). The other classes in the intermediate hallway (where the washrooms are) will meet out on the other, intermediate field. This will be for all five days even though your child may only be here two days per week. On Wednesdays when the teachers are doing online learning, five other teachers will be taking those children who are here that day. They will still meet in the same places.

We will have staggered recess and lunch breaks. Recess will be either 10:15-10:30, and 10:30-10:45, thus attempting to limit the numbers outside at one time. The Big toy will be open for usage as of June 1st. Lunch will be at the same time, 11:45-12:30, however half the school, about 45 children, will go outside from 11:45-12:10 while the other half eats, then at 12:10 they switch. Please make sure that your child has the utensils they require to eat their lunches.

Teachers will take their children outside at 2:25 and will dismiss students from the same place as they started the day.

There may be days or times during the week that your child will be learning in a classroom other than their own, and/or be taught by a teacher other their own. This is due to us wanting to maximize dynamic and collaborative learning opportunities with the varied number of students returning to school from class to class. On Wednesdays when teachers are working online with their classes, Mr. Phillips, Ms. Lambert, Ms. Henley, Ms. Krueger and Ms. Bell will be teaching the children who are here.

All water fountains are closed so either bring something to drink or a water bottle that can be filled at our one filling station in the intermediate hallway.

Each elementary school will have a day time custodian for regular cleaning of high touch areas, and another custodian will come in after school to give another deep clean.

We are assuming that the weather will be nice for June, and the teachers will try and get the children outside as much as possible, so please apply sunscreen at home for the younger ones as teachers will not be doing that this year.

If you are keeping your child at home, but then change your mind and want them to come to school, the protocol will not be to just send your child, but to contact me, and whenever possible, the child will be able to start the next day.

Please view the video link below, created at one of our elementary schools, that will give everyone (parents and students) an idea of what to expect when they arrive on Monday. https://youtu.be/4fWJceMNODY

I think this is all for now. If you have any questions please contact me. There is no need for me to send another update tomorrow.