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Staff Directory

Arden Elementary School 2020-21

Divisions, Grades & Staff​

Principal Lucinda Wolters
Vice-Principal Debra Fullerton (Weds-PM / Thurs office)
Sr. Administrative Assistant Laura-Lee Keltie
Teacher Librarian Todd Phillips (Tues/Wed, Thurs AM)
Clerk Librarian Sara Baillie
Custodians Kelli Verboom (Day)/Americo Pavan (PM)/Richard Sabal (PM)

Student Services/Teachers not registered in a Division

Counsellor Verona Griffin (Mon/Thurs/alternating Fri)
SLP (Speech & Language) Krista Manson (Tues/Weds)
Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Katelin Miller (Mon)
L.S.T. Deb Krueger
L.S.T. (0.4) Leighan Bell (Weds/Thurs)
Music Michelle Lambert / Todd Phillips (Mon)
Indigenous Resources
Indigenous Support Worker Sandi Phye  Shannon Campbell


Division Room Grade Teacher Dates in Class (if different from Mon-Fri)
D01 27 K Leah Lloyd  
D02 28 K Katie Arsenault  
D03 12 1 Sara Kerr  
D04 10 1 Judith Cudmore  
D05 8 1/2 Amelia Koebel  
D06 9 2/3 Sharene Popiel  
D07 11 2 Melanie Smith  
D08 2 3 Shawna Lyle  
D09 13 3
Debra Fullerton
Ellie Grant
D. Fullerton-Mon/Tue/Wed AM/Fri
Ellie Grant - Wed PM / Thurs
D10 1 3/4 Heather Freeland  
D11 4 4/5 Chris Lamont  
D12 3 4 Nicole Gish  
D13 5 5 Phebe May  
D14 7 4/5 Robert Atkinson  

Educational Assistants   

EA Position EA
Educational Assistant Heidi Shepherd
Low incidence Dawn Estlin
Behaviour E.A. Deanna Caswell
Educational Assistant Sabrina Close
Educational Assistant Rachael Bloomfield
Educational Assistant Rachel Griffiths
Educational Assistant Tamara Chadsey
Educational Assistant
Lenore Colville​